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Rights of Use

The text, pictures, graphics, sounds, animations and videos contained in the websites of FraCareServices GmbH are protected by copyright. FraCareServices GmbH allows all content of its websites to be viewed and downloaded for private, noncommercial use. An exception is the content of the Press Lounge, which may be downloaded by journalists for publication. When reproducing this content, the copyrights and proprietary rights of FraCareServices GmbH must be mentioned.

The content may not be altered or used on other websites or networked computers without written permission from FraCareServices GmbH.

The user agrees not to use the video and audio material to the detriment of FraCareServices GmbH.

We also call attention to the fact that the websites of FraCareServices GmbH contain some pictures that are copyrighted by third parties.

In case of violation of any of theses provisions, FraCareServices GmbH has the right to insist on the destruction of the printed or downloaded content. In such case, FraCareServices GmbH and other parties whose rights are violated reserve the right to sue for further damages.

You may download files at your own risk. FraCareServices GmbH accepts no liability for any damage or loss resulting from the installation or use of files downloaded from the download section, to the extent that this is legally permissible. Although we regularly scan for viruses, no liability is accepted for any damage or loss caused by computer viruses, within the scope of the applicable legal provisions.



Cookies are small text files that facilitate the use of our online offerings. To ensure your data privacy, our cookies do not contain any personal information. They do not contain your e-mail address or tell us who you are. Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can also set your browser to not accept any cookies. To see how to do this, please consult the instructions for your Web browser. If you instruct your browser not to accept any cookies, this can restrict the functionality of our offerings.



The information on our websites is compiled with the greatest of care. However, FraCareServices GmbH does not assume any liability for its completeness, correctness or accuracy, or for the suitability of this information for specific purposes.

The utilization of content placed on our websites takes place entirely at your own risk.

The websites of FraCareServices GmbH also contain links to websites of other providers. FraCareServices GmbH is not responsible for any content that can be reached via these links. If FraCareServices GmbH ascertains or is notified that such a website contains illegal material or information, the link will be removed, provided that this is technically possible and reasonable.


Brand Rights

Fraport AG is the proprietor of all brands, logo and designations of the corporate group used on the websites of FraCareServices GmbH. No other parties may use these brands, logos or designations.


Third-Party Brands

Brands, trade names, product names and logos of third parties shown on this website may be legally protected, for example as a registered brand. They may only be used with the prior permission of their owners.



FraCareServices GmbH employs technical and organizational security measures to safeguard data of yours that is administered by us against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons. Our security is continually improved in line with technological advances.