About Us

FraCareServices GmbH is a joint-venture between Fraport and Lufthansa AG, with Fraport being the majority shareholder at 51%.


The reliable, competent and prompt service for guests from all over the world presents unique challenges.


Our Service Agents, who are as multi-cultural as those they assist, ensure that our guests are handled as individually as possible, while meeting the standards of service that the airlines desire for their passengers. We value not just the extensive knowledge required, but also place a high emphasis on being friendly and flexible to help guests as the situation calls for. We in special services know that through our presence we represent more than FraCareServices; we stand in welcome, representing Frankfurt Airport and Germany as a whole.


Our mission is achieved through close cooperation between every employee, whether he is in the office or at the door of the plane. We strive for an open and collaborative working environment, offering advancement according to an employees' merit. Before a Service Agent is ready to assist his first guest, he receives a special training; dealing with the theoretical and then the practical, all under the guidance of experienced employees.